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Life Sciences and Biotechnology have been identified as potential sectors for socio economic development of Punjab. With state-of-the-art S&T infrastructure in the region, Availabiltity of skilled manpower and ample presence of bio-resources, Punjab is well poised to become the Life Sciences & Biotechnology hub of North India. The State Government is taking initiatives to create world class infrastructure and enabling ecosystem for growth of this important sector in the state.

Punjab State Biotech Corporation is a Section 8 (not-for-profit) Company incorporated by Department of Science, Technology & Environment, Govt. of Punjab and Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India on 25 January 2011 with the objective to promote the Biotechnology sector in the State. Formerly known as “Mohali Biotechnology Park”, the company was incorporated to primarily develop a Biotech Park on 80 acres of land in Knowledge City Mohali. The company was being provided operational support by Punjab State Council of Science and Technology till May 2019. Thereafter as an Initiative to Consolidate Bio Technology Related Activities, Govt. of Punjab decided to transfer the operations of the corporation to Punjab Biotechnology Incubator. The name of the company was changed to Punjab State Biotech Corporation on 03.10.2019 to cover the wider scope of promoting Life science and biotechnology sector in the state.

Main Objects

  • 1. To develop the Biotechnology park.
  • 2. To provide business support and technology transfer initiative in the multidisciplinary area of Biotechnology within the state.
  • 3. To encourage and support start ups, incubation and development of innovation led knowledge based business.
  • 4. To provide state-of the art infrastructure facilities for setting up biotechnology industries in the state.
  • 5. To act as engine of growth of biotechnology industry, and to act as a facilitator and a catalyst in the process of biotechnology industry's development.
  • 6. To provide formal and operational links with centers of knowledge creation such as R&D laboratories, universities, medical institutions and research organizations, individuals in India and abroad and create a strong network.
  • 7. To organize seminars/conferences/workshops/symposia/brain storming sessions and/or other activities for promotion of biotechnology sector and/or Biotechnology Park.
  • 8. To organize high-end skill training for promotion of biotechnology sector in the state.
  • 9. To provide advanced analytical services to target sectors.
  • 10. To do all other such things as may be necessary, incidental, conducive to the attainment of all or any of the above objectives.